HIMSS Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM) provides Healthcare organisations such as the NHS with a roadmap for advancing their infrastructure capabilities and digital maturity. By utilising INFRAM, healthcare provider organisations such as the NHS can help improve care delivery, reduce cyber and infrastructure risk, and create a pathway for infrastructure development tied to business and clinical outcomes. INFRAM measured performance refers to how well an organisation‘s infrastructure supports its strategic objectives and desired outcomes. Performance is evaluated at each stage of the model, and recommendations are provided to help the organization advance its infrastructure capabilities and maturity.

The INFRAM Stages

The HIMSS INFRAM model provides healthcare organisations with a roadmap to advance their infrastructure capabilities and digital maturity across seven stages.

Each stage outlines specific goals and objectives related to cybersecurity, data analysis, clinical device management, and aligning technology investments with business outcomes, ultimately improving care delivery and reducing risks.

How AWS can help with you obtaining HIMSS INFRAM Accreditation

AWS, as a HIMSS Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM) partner, can assist NHS organisations in achieving their HIMSS INFRAM accreditation at every level by leveraging AWS native infrastructure and/or AWS Partner solutions. Here’s how AWS can help:

Foundational Level (INFRAM Level 1-2)

  • AWS provides a secure, scalable, and reliable cloud infrastructure that aligns with the foundational requirements of HIMSS INFRAM.
  • AWS offers a range of computing, storage, and networking services that can be easily provisioned and managed, enabling NHS organizations to establish a robust IT infrastructure.
  • AWS Partners, such as managed service providers and consulting firms, can assist NHS organizations in designing and implementing a cloud-based infrastructure that meets HIMSS INFRAM standards.

Intermediate Level (INFRAM Level 3-4)

  • AWS offers advanced security features, such as encryption, access control, and monitoring, which are essential for achieving higher levels of HIMSS INFRAM accreditation.
  • AWS provides a range of data analytics and machine learning services that can help NHS organizations gain insights from their data and improve patient care.
  • AWS Partners can provide specialized solutions for healthcare, such as electronic health record (EHR) systems, telemedicine platforms, and patient engagement tools, which align with HIMSS INFRAM requirements.

Advanced Level (INFRAM Level 5-6)

  • AWS offers cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain, which can enable NHS organizations to achieve advanced levels of HIMSS INFRAM accreditation.
  • AWS provides a highly resilient and fault-tolerant infrastructure, ensuring high availability and disaster recovery capabilities, which are crucial for mission-critical healthcare applications.
  • AWS Partners can deliver customized solutions that integrate with existing NHS systems and workflows, enabling seamless interoperability and data exchange, as required by HIMSS INFRAM standards.

Expert Level (INFRAM Level 7)

  • AWS offers a comprehensive suite of services that can support NHS organizations in achieving the highest level of HIMSS INFRAM accreditation.
  • AWS provides advanced analytics and AI capabilities that can enable predictive and personalized healthcare, aligning with the expert level requirements of HIMSS INFRAM.
  • AWS Partners can help NHS organizations develop and implement innovative solutions, such as precision medicine platforms, clinical decision support systems, and population health management tools, which demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, as required by HIMSS INFRAM Level 7.

Getting Started

By leveraging AWS native infrastructure and collaborating with AWS Partners, NHS organisations can accelerate their journey towards HIMSS INFRAM accreditation at every level. AWS provides a secure, scalable, and flexible cloud platform that can support the evolving needs of healthcare organizations, while AWS Partners bring domain expertise and specialized solutions to help NHS organizations meet the stringent requirements of HIMSS INFRAM. To request more information around HIMSS INFRAM accreditaion with AWS please email: